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we make sustainable choises for the planet we share


Discover the Kidsofbrokenfuture's forest and find out about our collaborations and sustainable activities all around the world. Meet the non-profit associations to whom WeRfuture, the company that owns the brand, will donate a part of its turnover to support the education of kids from the most disadvantaged areas of the globe, with the aim of transforming them into tomorrow's leaders.


Without animals and plants, human life would not be possible on this planet.
We are grateful to these beings and feel responsible for what happens to them.
KOBF does not use any animal products in its garments.
Furthermore, KOBF supports WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization. Its mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same. If you wish to support the cause, please donate here.


We use ecological dyes (OEKOTEX Standard 100 certification) and printing methods in an eco-friendly process focused on saving water and energy.
We use organically produced cotton grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. This improves soil health and conserves water as the crops are mainly rain-fed. In fact, organic cotton cultivations consume 9% less water than conventional cotton.
Our polyester is made using marine debris taken from the oceans, thanks to the support of our partners who have an ongoing collaboration with fishermen all around the world.
By choosing KOBF you can help to keep our oceans clean.
For further information, please see section 'certifications'.


Our garments are chemical free, fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled material, zip and buttons are made protecting farmers and the environment. There is no use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers; no use of AZO colorants dyes; no use of heavy metals as mercury lead or cadmium and other substance, as indicated in the Annex XVII of REACH regulation, 2020.
For further information, see section 'certifications'.


Each shipment is carbon neutral. It means that KOBF requested UPS to offset the climate impact of each shipment made by the brand.
UPS's carbon neutral option supports projects like reforestation, wastewater treatment in Thailand, methane destruction and landfill gas destruction in Georgia.
Our carbon neutral option is verified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), an inspection, testing, and verification company. Additionally, our carbon offset process is certified by The Carbon Neutral Company.
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Street Child - Nigeria/Sierra Leone.
“Globally, millions of children live, sleep or survive on the streets - because of conflict, crisis or poverty. Without support, they face danger and violence and are a far cry from being able to access education. We want to support the movement to get these children off the streets and into school. Offering them the opportunity for a brighter future”.


KOBF has built its own forest! Every month KOBF plants new trees in Africa, Latin America and Asia. As they grow, these plants will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, improving the quality of the air that we breathe. Our aim is to cover part of the carbon emissions that we produce as a company. Each tree is photographed and geolocated: discover KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE’S forest here.


The events we organize are sustainable - products including cups, forks, upcycled tissues and all material needed to prepare the event.
For example: Los Angeles - April, 2019 - KOBF organized an event in Beverly Hills. Every object related to the event was sustainable, from biodegradable glasses and straws, recycled napkins and gifts bags to the fabric and paints with which we made the billboard of our logo.


At KOBF we believe that what goes around comes around. Life is cyclical, what we put into circulation returns to us. Therefore, it is natural for us to respect the planet and every living being on it. We want our company to positively impact whoever collaborates with us and treat them with dignity and complete transparency. Of course, no form of modern slavery exists in our operations and/or supply chain.


The fabrics we use are sustainable. Our collections are made entirely from recycled waste, such as PET bottles or upcycled marine plastic and organic cotton. This means an active contribution to the preservation of natural resources and a reduction of water pollution. Fabrics are dyed in a sustainable way (OEKOTEX Standard 100 certification) focused on saving water and energy, completing a vertical, eco-friendly process.

Recycled materials can be either leftover materials from production or used textiles that have been given a new life.
All of our trench coats are made from upcycled marine waste.
All of our men's swimwear and women's “sportswear” are made of recycled waste, such as PET bottles and other production waste.

All of our cotton products are made from organic cotton which is superior to conventional cotton for the following reasons:
- Overall 46% less impact on climate compared to conventional cotton (Textile Exchange report 2016).
- 9% less water consumption than conventional cotton.
- Totally chemical free because it is grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
- Environmentally friendly because production consumes 62% (Textile Exchange report 2016).

For further information, see section 'certifications'.


The polyester we use is entirely made from recycled waste, such as PET bottles or upcycled marine plastic. Our nylon in fact, is made using marine debris taken from the oceans, thanks to the support of our partners who have an ongoing collaboration with fishermen all around the world.
By choosing KOBF you can help to keep our oceans clean from plastic.
We use recycled paper and very little plastic in our packaging, in order to use up the supply that was bought when the company first began. Throwing it away now would not change its existence on the planet so it will be used until it has run out. Our aim is to make our packaging completely sustainable by 2021.


KOBF produces exclusively in Portugal using sustainable and certified fabrics. Logistics and headquarters are in Italy. The choice to produce in areas close to our headquarters and logistics limits the emissions related to the transport of raw materials as much as possible.
The manufacturing processes, including silk screen printing, digital printing, full prints and embroidery, are sustainable too. The dying process is also based on colors obtained in a responsible way. All materials are certified in OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which certifies that our fabrics are made of authentic organic, biological and/or recycled products.

For further information, see section 'certifications'.


Fully respectful of the mission of sustainability, our suppliers of organic cotton fabrics, silk-screen printing, digital printing, full print and embroidery prints and yarns are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.
Our recycled fabrics are also certified by the “Control Union Certified” as “Global Recycled Standard”, Seaqual and New Life.

In addition, our organic cotton fabrics are also GOTS certified by the “Control Union Certified”.

In the current SS20 production, all the Poplin fabrics are certified GOTS organic (TPX GOTS Certificate). Likewise, the yarns used for knitting the fabrics used in our sweatshirts and T-shirts are also certified GOTS organic (corresponding certificate: GOTS Scope).

As for the chemicals, our collection is regulated by the Annex XVII of REACH regulation. We do not use AZO colorants dyes, heavy metals as mercury lead or cadmium or any other substances like Nickel, as indicated in the Annex XVII of REACH regulation, 2020.

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